The three-piece pop/rock project from Los Angeles, CA is releasing its debut single “Girls” on June 22nd. The band’s debut self-titled EP will be out in Summer 2018 which hooks listeners with EDM rhythms, memorable pop vocal hooks, and heart-pumping rock energy – something for all to enjoy.

The music is confident, loud, and brash. From the first note to the last, there’s an intensity that simply cannot be ignored. Sweyd is grammy nominated Suzy Shinn’s newest project. As a young Los Angeles-based studio studio engineer and producer, Shinn has worked with artists such Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and Panic! At The Disco. The Wichita, Kansas native has long been a key figure for many high-profile projects for most of her career, but is no longer just in the studio, and is now starting to release her own music.

All four tracks on the trio’s EP have distinct moments – the looping guitar riffs on “I Want it Now”, the massive beat drops on “Aced”, the gliding synths on “Everyday”, and the harmonized vocals on “Girls”— there’s an un-apologetic tone that coalesces into an intoxicating attitude.

Integrating so many different sounds and styles can be trepidatious. With Shinn’s engineering acumen, the band is able to meld a multitude of styles, vibes and swagger. Each track smoothly fits diverse components together flawlessly. Everything has a dedicated place in the mix and still leaves room for Shinn’s voice to shine over the top of it all.

“I haven’t really worked on anything similar to this ever. It’s very urgent sounding,” Shinn says. “The production is interesting, we’re yelling and shouting on it, and it’s fast and rhythmic.”

While the album can easily be enjoyed in a club, the lyrics have depth too. On “Girls”, Sweyd provides a timely anthem for women around the world to step forward and put “the boys in the back” Providing hope and confidence to young woman is something Sweyd wants to communicate through their music.

Sweyed is already working on new music beyond the Sweyd EP and is quickly solidifying herself as one of the upcoming artists in Los Angeles.